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Pt.altum Rio Pasimoni Offspring F1 with 8-10cm in height  sold out

 Pt.altum Rio orinoco red Offspring with 8-10cm high - next delivery expected in the beginning of April '24 


Pt.scalar Rio manacapuru super redback 8cm high - next availability at middle of February '24 and Beginning of March '24 

At the age of 12 weeks the red comes from the 16 week more and more


Pt. altum Rio Orinoco NZ with 8-10 cm hight - next availability at the beginning of July '23 

Pt. altum Rio Orinoco NZ with 16 cm hight sold out

Pt. altum Rio Inirida F1 NZ with 8-10 cm hight sold out


Photos and videos of the animals as well as the parents, see homepage